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Even though a lot of other artists have struggled with this, regardless of gender, it has a lot to do with how in the industry, people want to give just one identifier to a woman.People just wanted to remember Lil ' Kim as Lil ' Kim, age 19 in a purple wig in one video, and not give you the opportunity to evolve.I can understand your frustration in wanting to break past that with this project. They don’t want to see me in that [1999 VMAs] outfit.I mean yeah because if I wore that same damn outfit to the club, you would look at me like I’m a damn fool. First of all, if I was still with my record company and we were still moving -- I would update.

When I came out, it was a lot [of songs] like that.

First off, congratulations on your own clothing line. I don’t want to get into it, but I’ve always had the name 24/7 Star. When I had my shoe line with Petite Paton, it was called Hollyhood, but we changed it to 24/7 Star.

As an artist who has been a part of fashion for 20 years, what took you so long? At that age, you’re not really thinking about [making a fashion line]. At this point, it’s like I’m really trying to just bloom and blossom as an artist in certain instances, because there was a lot of current events that happened in my life. I believe in God so God’s timing is the right timing, period. We’ve got different lines inside of the lines that we’re working on, and we might change up a couple of them. You’re also doing it through La Scala Boutique.[Proprietor Rose Cordon] is a monumental figure. When I had my clothing line before, she wanted to put my stuff into the store then, but the company I was with was a small company and they folded.

-- which saw the rapper born Kimberly Jones exiting her teens -- turned 20 years old. She has a child of her own, a two-year-old daughter named Royal Reign who is running and talking during her mother's candid interview with . Gone are the days of her single-breast-revealing 1999 MTV VMAs outfit, elaborate multi-colored wigs and consistent bars about male inadequacy.

There are hints of that still, but to reduce Kim to her former self would be placing her right back in the box she’s been attempting to break out of since the ‘90s.

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I’ve never, for the life of me, understood why fans would think that any artist would make the same album twice. Buy my old albums." At the end of the day, he’s not gonna do the same things he did seven years ago. But he’s gonna remind y’all, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna give certain things.

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