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Their relationship was so that it was hard to picture her finding something as meaningful with someone else—until now.

After what felt like years of speculation (and in reality was probably only a few weeks), Stone stepped out with her rumored new boyfriend, finally making things official.

She’s one of us while being the best of us — which is an excellent definition of a movie star.her first film since winning her Oscar, Stone plays Billie Jean King — maybe the biggest stretch yet in a career that’s just starting to suggest how much range she really has.We’ve seen her play straight comedy parts, wacky supporting roles and femme fatales.Regardless of how serious she chooses to get, there's no arguing that all the pieces have fallen together perfectly.Emma Stone has said that her role model as an actress is Diane Keaton, which makes total sense: Now that you’re thinking about it, it’s hard not to connect them, right?

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