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AKMSU was not produced in large quantities in the Soviet Union; however, many other countries, including Yugoslavia, massively built their own versions.

Most of the so-called "AKMSU" carbines seen in Hollywood movies, such as Three Kings, Tropic Thunder, Bad Boys II, etc.

Mel is thrilled when Noelle Devereaux, bestselling author of the steamy novel 'Love and Bondage,' pays a visit to her book club.

When Nicole overhears Joe criticize her work, it turns her on, and she ends up trying to seduce him.

When in doubt, it is probably safer to assume AKM or Type 56.

ALSO NOTE: Since the 70s, AK-74 and its update AK-74M was a standard-issue assault rifle of Russian armed forces.

Mindy tries to get back into the dating scene and meets a good prospect (The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand).

NOTE: while the English-speaking tradition is to call the Russian 7.62x39 assault rifle by Mikhail Kalashnikov "AK-47", its official nomenclature is in fact was always AK/AKM, without any numbers added to it.

The Maadi ARMs (the US version of the MISR) were allowed because Egypt was never a Communist country nor a member of the Warsaw Pact. The exceptions are, custom build ups after the mid 1990s when original AK-47 rifle kits were available (as was done on We Were Soldiers, using original blueprints and US-made milled receivers), and movies filmed overseas where foreign movie armorers had no such restrictions.

This is particularly true for films made in Israel and some parts of Europe.

This is not the case now, with the current crop of films made outside the U.

S., mostly in the newly democratic Eastern European nations (Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.) However, Russia has firmly blocked the export of their old AK-47 surplus guns outside of the country, having distributed most of them to client nations and guerrillas throughout the world in the previous five decades.

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