Updating sap kernel

Therefore, it's necessary to attach additional disk space to an Azure VM for running SAP.For SAP application server Azure VMs, the use of Azure standard storage disks might be sufficient.

The individual steps are explained in more detail in screenshots later in this guide.

The following operating systems are supported to deploy SAP HANA on Azure: Azure VM types and SAP-supported workload scenarios used with SAP HANA are documented in SAP certified Iaa S Platforms.

Azure VM types that are certified by SAP for SAP Net Weaver or the S/4HANA application layer are documented in SAP Note 1928533 - SAP Applications on Azure: Supported Products and Azure VM types.

However, for SAP HANA DBMS Azure VMs, the use of Azure Premium Storage disks for production and non-production implementations is mandatory.

Based on the SAP HANA TDI Storage Requirements, the following Azure Premium Storage configuration is suggested: In the suggested disk configuration, the HANA data volume and log volume are placed on the same set of Azure premium storage disks that are striped with LVM or MDADM.

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