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The megalithic civilization in Western Europe is still a civilization that is ill-understood, if only because it has suffered from decades of scientific neglect.

At present, some of the answers about the monuments they left behind is becoming clearer, but questions remain as to who this civilization was, and what became of them.

Some of the problem between megalithic Western Europe and the civilizations of the Middle East is a question of prior interest.

We have the Bible, the pyramids and tales of the ancient Gods. Europe has stories of how the Romans came and conquered the local population, leaving a less than impressive accounts of what for a long time were believed to be the megalith builders.

High on a hill on the island of Gozo, is the Stone Age Ggantija prehistoric temple complex.

Constructed from 3,600-3,000 BC, the Ggantija temples are the earliest of a series of megalithic temples in Malta, pre-dating Egypt’s pyramids and Britain’s Stonehenge by over a 1,000 years.

An important clue is that even though Brittany is well-known for its tremendous concentration of megalithic monuments, it is in the far less known region east of Paris, around the city of Sens, that the largest concentration can be found.

In retrospect, the answer suggests it is not, for once the megalithic monuments were subjected to dating, some were found to be much older than their counterparts in Egypt.

Despite making progress, little is still known about the megalithic civilization.

Megalithic literally means large stones, and thus the civilization is identified by the legacy they left and which in Western Europe was often the subject of violent destructions in the 16Today, megaliths seem to have survived more in desolate locations unless they are of the magnitude of Stonehenge and Avebury, which were outside of all proportions that the largest stones remained intact.

Carbon-dating shows that the complex is at least 12,000 years old, maybe even 13,000 years old. By comparison, Stonehenge was built in 3,000 BC and the pyramids of Giza in 2,500 BC. Gobekli hails from a part of human history that Ħaġar Qim (Standing/Worshipping Stones) is a megalithic temple complex found on the Mediterranean island of Malta, dating from the Ġgantija phase (3600-3200 BC).

Gobekli is thus the oldest such site in the world, by a mind-numbing margin.

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