The dangerous side of online dating

How can something that looks so innocent and safe​—a computer terminal right in your own home—​actually present a danger to you?

Dating in this fashion may put you in serious danger​—whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Such predators might remind you of Jesus’ illustration about false prophets who “come to you in sheep’s covering” but in truth are like “ravenous wolves.” (Matthew ) Anonymous communication through the Internet can make it almost impossible to see through such deception. Sadly, yes​—some claim to be true Christians when they are not. Again, one factor is that the Internet makes it easy. Much of the pain and misery in this world stems from lying.And what dangers does this present to those who are looking for romance?Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing A father named Michael was alarmed to learn at a seminar that a large proportion of children disobey parental rules against visiting dangerous Web sites.For example, note the kind of dishonesty described in this Bible verse: “I have not sat with men of untruth; and with those who hide what they are I do not come in.” (Psalm 26:4) What is meant by “those who hide what they are”?Some Bible translations here read “hypocrites.” As one reference work notes, this expression can be applied to “those who hide their purposes or designs from others, or who conceal their real character and intentions.” How is such dishonesty practiced on the Internet?

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Further, quoted an author as saying: “Internet dating can be bad because people get deceived.” It adds: “People often switch sexes. Sadly, some young people have fallen into another sort of dishonesty.

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