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It's so scary being this wobbly and my legs being much weaker than ever. JOIN NOW Member's Only April 22, 2017: Stretching Stretching, exercising, talking to you about it all. I do some crawling, and the end has a surprise bonus of tons of clonus spasms.

Be prepared to laugh as well as I use an unconventional method to protect my toes from getting injured. JOIN NOW Member's Only March 9, 2017: Note from Sexy Para I am leaving on vacation on Monday, March 13!

JOIN NOW Member's Only May 25, 2017: Quick And Painful Here's a quick video of me transferring from my chair to the floor and then getting up and down off the couch for a little more exercise, finally transferring back to my chair.

My legs are very tired and sore so all the added movement hurts quite a bit, but it's still good exercise for me.

Sort of a comparison of what it's like to wear high heels with my new chair and new footplate.

I try on 3 different styles of sexy heels and show you.

First of which is I might be getting a new BEAUTIFUL wheelchair!

Explaining what I plan to do with it, and telling you all about the new chair and its features.And for a special surprise ending, I attempt using my underarm crutches yet again.JOIN NOW Member's Only May 16, 2017: Attempting Crutches It has been a long time since I've attempted to walk with crutches, either forearm or underarm.Twitter: @sexyparagirl Tumblr: @sexyparashannon Member's Only February 9, 2017: Note from Sexy Para I will be posting at least one new update this weekend.I have had a request for a video of my legs in spasms, so I've been accumulating clips when that happens and will put them together and finish that this weekend!

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I am going to temporarily lower my monthly subscription price so get locked in now! Member's Only August 9, 2017: Note from Sexy Para My birthday is fast approaching on August 15! Member's Only August 8, 2017: Wheelchair Yoga Should I call it wheelchair yoga since it's done outside my wheelchair? Either way, I made this not only for my fans of this site, but for anyone in a similar situation who may want to follow along.

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