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Motivated by the prospect of a better future and facing eviction, Morena accepts a job offer to work in a coffeehouse in Istanbul for a few months.

However, the couple's happiness is shattered when Morena receives a tempting offer from Livia Marino (Cláudia Raia), a beautiful and elegant woman, in reality, a human trafficking gang leader, who will involve Morena in a dangerous trap.

Its first week it recorded a cumulative indices of 33 points.

In Istanbul, Turkey, 18 year-old Morena (Nanda Costa) is auctioned by a group of wealthy and successful men. The next scene shows Morena running desperately through the streets, screaming for help. Morena is a single-mother who lives with her 4 year-old son Junior (Luiz Felipe Mello) and her mom Lucimar (Dira Paes) in a pacified Complexo do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro, after the 2010 occupation by the Brazilian Army led by Captain Theo (Rodrigo Lombardi). Their first meeting began a with a pet peeve, which then becomes a true love, causing ??

But the number of thoughtful, charming messages I get, while never as high, is still holding steady.

I don't go on a million dates and I haven't met the perfect guy for me yet, but at age 26 and at age almost-32, I've gone on plenty of dates with plenty of nice, smart guys.

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