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The biggest event in the UK music calendar returns to London’s O2 Arena on Wednesday 21st February, and you could be there for FREE.

The name "shortwave" originated during the early days of radio in the early 20th century, when the radio spectrum was considered divided into long wave (LW), medium wave (MW) and short wave bands based on the wavelength of the radio waves.

Sorry guys."What about her personal life made KNCI 105.1 FM pull the plug?Shortwave radio is used for broadcasting of voice and music to shortwave listeners over very large areas; sometimes entire continents or beyond.It is also used for military over-the-horizon radar, diplomatic communication, and two-way international communication by amateur radio enthusiasts for hobby, educational and emergency purposes.You might not find your true love as quickly as we did, but it's worth a damn good try. Lindsay Ell is making waves in the country music industry.

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