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The Web is also full of great learning resources, such as online courses, intriguing TED talks, and vocabulary-building tools.

Replace a few minutes of skateboarding dogs with something more mentally nourishing, suggest several responders.

I almost called the FBI but was told they are aware of this scam and so is the Nigerian government.

So if anyone else has been writing to a guy call [email protected] know he's a real fake.

It doesn't have to be pretty or long, but taking a few minutes each day to reflect in writing about what you learned is sure to boost your brainpower.

"Write 400 words a day on things that you learned," suggests yoga teacher Claudia Azula Altucher.

Board games and puzzles aren't just fun but also a great way to work out your brain."Play games (Scrabble, bridge, chess, Go, Battleship, Connect 4, doesn't matter)," suggests Xie (for a ninja-level brain boost, exercise your working memory by trying to play without looking at the board)."Play Scrabble with no help from hints or books," concurs Azula Altucher.and needed 0 to pay for a plane fare to come home to Kennesaw, Ga. He would not give me an address of where in Kennesaw he lived and told me that when I picked him up at the airport, he would lead me to his house.He did all the same things these scammers apparently do by writing these truly mushy e-mails and calling you all these sweet names, then wanting you to text them on their cell phones, set up Yahoo IM and so on.

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