Mother fights for custody in online dating nightmare

I arrive at his criminal court arraignment to find out that he was arrested with his girlfriend, who was giving him fellatio at the time he was driving, and that they had smashed into the side of the highway.Additionally, they had a fair amount of cocaine with them.I don’t know why Rutherford’s judge granted her ex the right to take their two young children to live with him in Europe.I’m not going to speculate on what she might have done to lose custody or whether or not the judge is biased towards fathers.

I was fighting a fight I couldn’t win, and I got tromped before I reached the finish line.

As soon as I find out the details, I got down on my hands and knees and begged the assistant district attorney to limit the facts of the case that were said in court.

I was successful, but ultimately his wife—who was previously unaware of the girlfriend or the cocaine habit—found out." — "I had a client who was divorced, and remarried, and his child was in middle school. Right after report cards came out, his ex-wife showed up at his door, complained to him about their son's grades, and then hauled off and punched him in the face!

While I would never suggest other single mothers forego child support, in my case not being financially dependent on my ex has been liberating: Prince has lost his primary leverage source and I don’t have to grovel for the check every month.

Given that I rebuilt my relationship with my son by giving up custody, it’s easy for me to look back and say my battle wasn’t worth the fight.

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