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And please don't tell me that i should've tried standing up for myself and what not.

When you know that you're living in someone Else's country you try not to be rude to them and try to show them what type of a person you are.

Fortune Spa is easy to reach for people staying near Le Meridien Hotel, Shangri La or Intercontinental Mid Plaza.It is owned by the Comfort Group, which has several massage outlets in Jakarta, among which Comfort Spa, Grand Comfort and Comfort II Batu Tulis.Facilities of Fortune Spa include: Bar, whirlpool, sauna, fitness center, swimming pool, billiard, mini-theater, shiatsu.Scuba divers have known about Malaysia forever but the rest of you probably haven’t.It’s not just about the island’s and beaches however, (though admittedly they are our favourites) the first places we fell in love with were Penang, Malacca and even Kuala Lumpur.

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