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In this guide, we take a look at exactly what futanari porn entails and the best places you can find some online.A Japanese word, futanari literally translates as hermaphrodite and can also be used to describe people that are androgynous.You can also find futanari porn that centres around this same element of surprise being played out with a futanari girl and her male lover resulting in some interesting pegging scenes.The origins of futanari aren’t as far-fetched and fantastical as you would think with Japanese folklore having several connections with hermaphroditism and transgender characters.Women who want their porn to have more of a story line will also find hentai more appealing and, once again, futanari skirts the gay/straight boundaries giving it a unique cross-appeal.For some men, the fact that hentai porn isn’t real can also help them experiment with new fantasies including gay ones.The term ‘newhalf’ () is used to avoid any confusion between futanari porn and transgendered women.

Hailing from Japan, this animated style of porn has roots with shemale and tranny adult content but differs in the sense that it incorporates the no-limits, fantasy edge that characterizes hentai.

In an adult entertainment context, futanari is a sub-genre of hentai and anime featuring characters that have both male and female sexual organs; usually denoting a female figure with a penis (also known as ‘futas’).

The attributes of both sexes can vary depending on the artist with some characters having a vagina as well as testicles or simply a penis that grows from inside the vagina.

Some sites specialize in one niche area such as ‘Celebrity Futanari’ whilst many simply bring as much exclusive content as possible.

We’ve picked our selection of some of the best futanari porn and resource sites around.

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