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If you do go with flatwounds, keep in mind that the Pyramid Gold and Hofner versions are made for the German Hofners, which are a true 30" scale, while the Asian versions are a quarter inch longer, and yes, it does make a difference.

It's not a bass that's to sound very bright but it doesn't have to be incredibly bassy either.

But, don't worry, registering is quick, easy and painless. After playing the Hofner Ignition Violin bass for a whole day, I realized that while it sounds good, it doesn't exactly feel like a bass at it's price point (it costs 0 USD but it feels like a 0 or cheaper bass).

After digging around the internet for a bit, I came across the Rogue VB100 bass and Epiphone Viola bass on Musician's friend and the Harley Benton beatbass on

More recently, I've been using my 70 Twin Reverb head with a 2x15" JBL K140's cabinet.

I set the tone controls flat and the bright switch on.

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I've uncased it after months in storage and found it still in tune, and when I was doing the band thing, I rarely had to retune during a rehearsal or booking.

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