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“They have been seeing each other for a while and this was their first time away as a proper couple.

Here's everything you need to know about Georgia Toffolo's ex-boyfriend, James Middleton...

James really messed her around when they were together so she went ahead and did Celebs Go Dating as a single woman.

Georgia Toffolo – who has starred in Celebs Go Dating and is currently on the E4 series Made In Chelsea – was rumoured to have rekindled a romance with ex-boyfriend James Middleton before heading into the I'm A Celebrity... jungle, despite claiming she was single before the show, but the jungle favourite has since admitted they did in fact breakup.A friend said A source told the Evening Standard: 'The flight was booked last week but he was a no-show.The crew for the British Airways flight knew the Prince was booked to travel with them.'Tonight's (December 11) episode saw fans reach the end of their tether with Jamie in particular, who was basically admitting to his mates that he intended to take new girl Clementine on a date just so he could kiss her just so he could make Frankie jealous.Jamie this is not the point where you try and explain yourself, this is the point where you apologise and beg for forgiveness. # Mi C #Made In Chelsea— Claire Bridger (@bridger_girl) December 11, 2017Speaking of Clementine, or Clemmie for short, either she has been reading the #madeinchelsea responses online or she's actually got an ounce of common sense, as she calls Jamie out on his behaviour and refuses to let him try and worm his way out of it.

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