Dating site murderer memes about relationships

When you’re voting in November, you’re answering the question: How do these people deserve to be treated in the United States of America?

When your boyfriend or husband supports Trump, he’s answering that question too.

You’re voting for a scared pregnant teenager in Arkansas who doesn’t know how she’s going to make this work.

You’re voting for the son of undocumented immigrant parents in California who fears his family will be torn apart.

“IT HAPPENED TO ME: Donald Trump Ruined My Relationship” blares a headline on

There has never been a better reason to return yourself to single status.

You’re voting for a Muslim family in Oklahoma who thought they knew their neighbors and now aren’t so sure.

You’re voting for the single mom in Wisconsin who’s just trying to hold it all together.

Most men, of course, are not abusive, but many are soft misogynists: the kind who like and even love women, but when you scratch the surface, don’t quite see women as 100 percent equal.

Maybe they view women are more ornamental than substantive or more inherently maternal than ambitious; maybe they subconsciously hold women to higher standards than men or expect that their wives or girlfriends to do the emotional work of the relationship and don’t think to reciprocate; maybe they think girl stuff is kinda dumb and women are more emotional than men and they just can’t stand it when their female boss is such a bitch.

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