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When the enterprising publisher bought this memoir, President Obama was merely Senator Obama and there were few indications of what was to come.

In recounting the story of his upbringing, Obama shows that his “Yes we can” mantra was not merely an aspirational soundbite but based firmly on his own experiences as a mixed-race American.

At 65, an age at which many novelists have said their piece, he started American Pastoral, the first part of a trilogy (with I Married a Communist and concluding with The Human Stain) that examines just how far the politics, social changes and political correctness of post-war America have eroded the promised land of his youth.

The books – and in particular this last volume – powered by Roth’s autograph mixture of rage, sex and moral indignation, amount to one of the great achievements of American letters.

With all the elements of a penny dreadful – orphans, double-crossing, madness and pornography – this Victorian tale could have sunk to the level of picaresque pastiche, but while much ink has been spilled on Waters’s lesbian characters it is her ability to summon up the past in palpable, brooding detail that is her most striking characteristic.

This is a novel that seems easy to categorise but doesn’t fit into any obvious genre.

No Country for Old Men By Cormac Mc Carthy PICADOR, 2005 The Laconic Mc Carthy, the icon of Southern gothic, is frequently likened to William Faulkner and hailed as one of the great contemporary American novelists.

A seemingly straightforward tale of cross-class love and blundering miscomprehension in pre- and wartime Britain turns out to be not a piece of engaging and immaculate pastiche but a story about writing.

It is a trick that could undermine the novel but Mc Ewan’s brilliance with set-pieces – a sweltering country-house summer, carnage at Dunkirk, an hermetic love affair – wrap the reader so tightly in the story that the tricksiness comes as revelation rather than irritation, and the fact that Mc Ewan has proved to be a manipulator of the highest order is forgiven.

He may have won the Booker with Amsterdam but this is a better book by far.

Through her six-year-old eyes and later as a student she recounts the experience of both the Islamic Revolution and the war with Iraq and she does so with both seriousness and charm.

Like Khaled Hosseini, Satrapi shows a country by which the West is transfixed from an unusual angle.

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This is documentary writing of rare quality and intelligence.

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