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The film was a produced by France's Filmsonor, Mondex Films and Les Films Odéon in collaboration with Italy's Zebra Film. Kenneth Turran in a review of 2006 for the Los Angeles Times wrote, "To come across Classe Tous Risques is like discovering a bottle of marvelous French wine you didn't remember you had, opening it and finding it every bit as delicious as its reputation promised." A. Scott of The New York Times wrote in 2005: "Claude Sautet's Classe Tous Risques is the kind of French movie that makes you want to throw on your trench coat, light up a cigarette and shoot somebody.

Principal photography took place from 7 October to 8 December 1959. Originally released in 1960, it was lost in the frenzy of the Nouvelle Vague, which made its straightforward use of genre look a bit old-fashioned.

Éric lets Abel hide in his attic and the two men become friends.

The Abel Davos character is based on the real life Abel Danos (alias "le Mammouth" because of his girth) who José Giovanni met in prison.

He performs a successful holdup in Milano with his accomplice Raymond, but chased by the police the two decide to return to France.

Entering France on a seemingly desert beach, the small group is surprised by two customs officers and end up in a gunfight, where Thérèse and Raymond are killed.

Hidden with his two boys in Nice by a former associate, Abel rings Riton, an old ally in Paris, asking him and his friend Fargier to come and collect him.Riton now runs a bar and Fargier a hotel; neither wants to risk his life or reputation for a lone wanted man.However they buy an ambulance and recruit a young gangster called Éric to bring Abel and his children back in it.Left alone with the children, Abel calls his friends Riton and Fargier in Paris to come and pick him up in Nice.Unable to travel to Nice, they send a man named Éric Stark, who works as an ambulance driver.

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Marele gangster Abel Davos se ascunde de politie chiar in inima Parisului.

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