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It’s fun, relaxing, informative, and exercises your brain. Experiences linger on the outer cortex of the brain before transforming into memories housed in the hippocampus.

Unfortunately, they often dislodge in the hodge-podge of information coming through.

The German automotive giant adopted a firm policy of never contacting off-work employees.

The rationale cites the importance of separating work and home life – it actually increases worker productivity and morale.

Books covering topical or socially relevant subjects force you to think critically.

Meanwhile, fiction increases your capacity for understanding the human condition and boosts your emotional intelligence.

Lucky for you, mastering a language isn’t the point.

Moments of brilliance change the course of history.

Of all our personality traits, intelligence is the most admired and useful tool available. Society celebrates smart people, and rightly so: Our survival depends on good decisions.

You not only stave off boredom, you also enable a critical resting period for your brain to recover. The main way to increase your intelligence involves flexing different areas of your brain.

At a gym, you shift to different machines to give your body a full workout.

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